ExolTech creates and delivers custom management solutions based on industry standard framework. Our management solutions help organizations to continuously improve Organizational Assessment, Performance improvement, Resource Planning, Customer
Engagement, Document Control and Team building.
Our Solutions include:

  • School Management system
  • Registration, class-room management, budgeting, planning, fund accounting, marks management, parent-teacher interaction and much more.
  • Hospital Management system
  • E-Appointments
  • Human Resource Management system
  • Employee Management, managing hierarchy structure, Recruitment Process, Leave management, Attendance, Performance Evaluation, Travel Management, Expenses and Grievance system
  • Document management system
  • Super Admin – Create sub admin, List / Modify Users, Space Utilization, Settings, Session Clear, Update Profile
  • Admin Login – Create Users, List / Modify Users , User Privileges, File Upload, File Download, Reports (File Transfer, File Transfer Log Details),
    Space Utilization, Send File, View the Download file log, Download URL, Update Profile