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wilkinson Aug 10

Avatars are remarkably customizable, and gamers can be boosted via x-factors, abilities, and skill points. It simply feels like you are acquiring another  Madden 23 coins video game over the normal Madden universe, one which has its own unique design that harkens back to the afternoon of knocking on your friends' doors, going to a grass lot, and enjoying some football. The Yard is the best thing to happen to Madden in years. It also has one very major fan in Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, who sat with Uproxx Sports through Zoom to go over the Madden NFL 23 game mode, the feeling of nostalgia it attracts, and more.

The Yard was given a spin by me a couple of days ago, have you gotten an opportunity to play it yet? The Yard is awesome, I really like every piece of it. It having the new wave in there with the points and everything like this, all the cool tricks and everything you can perform. But it's old school football. Get with your friends, your boys, the homies, go outside in the backyard, and playwith. I think that's definitely the coolest section, is having the ability to swag your player out however you wish to but meet up in one place and play with your men.

Is that your favorite thing about the manner? That old-school... well, old school in terms of football, but also, I played with a lot of NFL Street back in the afternoon, I don't know about yourself. Aw man, I've been trying not to compare it. I absolutely loved NFL Street when it was out back in the day, which is every bit, if not better, with all the tricks you can do the points scoring system. It is that and you can do much more in relation to producing your  Buy Madden 23 coins player especially on each side of the ball, knowing that you're playing ironman, you're playing defense and offense, and you are gonna want attributes for the two.