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Nowadays, parking air conditioners have been widely used in trucks in various countries to provide drivers with a cool and comfortable resting environment, which can relieve fatigue driving and ensure the safety of people and vehicles.

The United States, Europe, and China are the world’s most important truck markets, and the trucks produced in various countries are quite different. Therefore, Kingclima parking air conditioners provide differentiated parking air conditioning solutions for different markets around the world. For the US market, what parking air conditioners should we install?

At present, there are many users who purchase semi-trucks. The engine of semi-trucks is front-mounted, and the cab space is larger than that of flat-head trucks. Semi-trucks can not only rest and sleep in the car, but some can even cook and take a bath in the car.

Although the trucks produced by each OEM are different, what everyone has in common is that everyone pays great attention to the fuel economy of the vehicle. This will not only win a good reputation among users but also conform to the logistics market’s transportation concept of “low energy consumption and high output”.

Reasonable vehicle configuration, advanced fuel-saving concepts, and excellent driving habits can save trucks a lot of money every year.

The E-clima2600S air conditioning system developed by Kingclima is a parking air conditioning solution designed for Semi trucks.

E-Clima 2600S air conditioner is divided into two parts, one part is on the back of the cab, which can effectively use the limited space in the cab. Part of it is inside the cab. The other part of the NITE air conditioner is fixed outside the cab, and the suction-type condensing fan can ensure the smooth and efficient operation of the air conditioner.

Such an installation method can not only reduce the pressure on the roof of the cab but also realize a back-hung installation method. It is not necessary to make holes on the roof and can be installed directly.

E-clima2600S can be installed on long-head trucks in the semi-truck market to solve the problem that overhead air conditioners cannot be installed, thereby enriching the parking air conditioner market.

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