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We need every student homeschooling almost every day there will be some waste sponge, in general are by hand thrown into the trash, in fact, is that we can also choose to use it to do the material to raise flowers,compostable sponges clever use, almost do not have to go through the use of soil can be raised in full bloom to flowers.

In general gardening, soil, drinking water waste is essential, but some people live in buildings, planting flowers have certain limitations, this time with sponges and other materials more suitable for planting flowers.

Material: sponge strips

Container: Small saucer for water

Take wild chrysanthemums as an example.biodegradable loofah First cut a piece of sponge 15cm long and 7cm wide, roll it into a wheel shape and fix it with a rubber band. By April-May, new shoots of about 10cm will grow on the old branches of wild chrysanthemums, cut off 5-6cm of the new shoots and insert them into the sponge. At the same time, put the sponge roll into the pot, prepare a small dish or pot mop that holds water, put some water, and put the pot on top to absorb water naturally.

In this way, if the plants are immersed in too much water for a long time,natural loofah bath sponge they will not take root, so they must wait until the pot is dry before adding more water, and usually without deliberate fertilization, in August, the wild chrysanthemums will grow buds and blossom one after the other.

In this way, we planted flowers without any soil, clean and easy. Like this, you can also plant chrysanthemums, begonias, gentians, geraniums and other common flowers. How's that? Do you want to try it?


Sponges can raise flowers, the effect produces an unexpected good

Flower keeping tips: a small sponge, you can get so much convenience

Raise succulent, want not water, not rotten roots, use a sponge is enough!

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