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Give the baby bath as a business a university question, cellulose sponge manufacturer for new mothers work has absolutely is a big thing, mothers are often made busy hands and feet do not know what to do. Not only the bathing steps are cumbersome, wholesale Konjac sponge water temperature and volume of water is difficult to control, bathing supplies market is also through a variety of social preoccupations. Bathing supplies mainly include bath gel, bath tubs, bath towels, toys and bath sponge city and so on, in which we bath sponge in this development plays a pivotal role. natural luffa sponge Today people living practice report for students bathing sponge, to give you can carry on the knowledge of science education assessment, in the end what kind of bathing sponge is the most suitable for baby bathing?

Bathing sponge

Baby's skin is very delicate, and harsh bathing products can damage baby's soft skin and even cause crying. Compared with towels and gauze, sponge bath is easier to foam and clean, and is a new type of bathing apparatus to replace the traditional bathing tools. Currently the baby bath cotton ball is mainly made of natural sponge, wood pulp cellulose, konjac and artificial sponge, of which the natural sponge is the best, the most expensive, the most suitable for baby skin cleansing materials.

Natural Sponge

Natural sponge is the simplest multi-cellular animal in the world! Natural sponges have a moderate PH value and a special structure that matches the organization of human skin, penetrating close to the pores of the capillaries and taking away the oil completely. It is recommended by many dermatologists in Europe for babies and sensitive skin.

How to choose

1. Take touch and elasticity as the main factors, soft touch and moldable touch.

2. Because sponges are afraid of light, including the lights in the store, which may damage its quality, when you buy a sponge, choose one that is not on display, or one that is densely lit.

3. The most practical way to recognize life is to fold the bath in half and rub it against each other. If it falls off the flakes the quality control is not working.


Magic Konjac Sponge.

The farmer's pot scrubber, the old loofah sponge, has many uses for flowers after scrubbing pots.

Are you still using this sponge in your kitchen? Please throw it away immediately.