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What are all the ways of transmission of the new coronavirus? What is the reaction to a new coronavirus infection?

The new coronavirus is highly contagious Rapid antigen self test. The outbreak in China is well under control thanks to the efforts of all medical personnel in China, but the number of infections is increasing in many countries around the world and we cannot ignore it. What is the possibility of transmission of the new coronavirus? What are the symptoms of new coronavirus pneumonia? It is important that we learn more about these and be protected.

What are the symptoms of New Coronavirus pneumonia?

Depending on the development of neo-coronavirus pneumonia, the clinical symptoms are completely different. According to Zhang Reach, early symptoms are mainly clinical manifestations such as fever, dry cough and weakness, similar to common upper respiratory tract infections. A small number of patients have no obvious symptoms or gastrointestinal reactions in the early stage and develop for about a week, and half of them may have respiratory difficulties.

What are the routes of transmission of novel coronaviruses?

The currently established modes of transmission are airborne droplet transmission and contact transmission. There is a large amount of virus in patients with novel coronavirus and incubation period, and the virus is excreted through body fluids and skin. The virus adheres to airborne dust and surfaces of objects, and humans become infected when they come in contact with the virus. In addition, the virus can also be found in the human body, so the possibility of fecal-oral infection is high, and patients must develop the habit of washing their hands regularly before and after meals.

What are the precautions for Newcastle pneumonia?

Regarding precautions for New Crown pneumonia, patients are first advised to protect themselves and disinfect their living environment, and to respond positively to government appeals. Communicators and suspected cases in known infected areas must be reported immediately to the relevant authorities and designated hospitals. The control of the epidemic is mainly about early detection and isolation. Only by actively controlling the source of infection and the route of transmission can the outbreak be effectively controlled. During this period, the Chinese must actively cooperate with the national control policy.

In summary, there are many routes of transmission of novel coronavirus and the virus has a wide prevalence. In order to stay away from virus infection, the first step is to take protective measures, pay attention to self-protection and disinfect the living environment.

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