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With the continuous development and progress of science and technology, more and more electronic technology products have appeared in our lives. Among them, LCD screens are called eye protection screens, but some people question whether they are just used as an "IQ tax".boe screen manufacturer Today, the editor of Xunrui Optoelectronics Information Technology will conduct data analysis on the basic working principles of LCD screens, eye protection effects, and market price management to answer this social problem.

Liquid crystal display is a technology that uses the optical properties of liquid crystal molecules to display images.lcd supplier It consists of liquid crystal layer, transparent electrode, backlight, etc. When current passes through the transparent electrode, the arrangement of the liquid crystal molecules will change, thereby controlling the transmittance of light and achieving image display. Compared with traditional CRT monitors, LCD monitors have the advantages of high resolution, low radiation, and small size, and have been widely used in televisions, computers, and other fields.

Compared with CRT screens, LCD screens have lower radiation costs and less flicker.oled supplier Radiation and flicker are one of the leading causes of eye fatigue and discomfort. Radiation can cause certain damage to our eyes, while flicker can cause eye fatigue and discomfort. LCD screens can reduce the problems of radiation and flicker through research and use of liquid crystal display technology, thereby reducing the burden on the eyes and improving the comfort of system use.

The price level of LCD screens is relatively high, which is one of the reasons why some people question whether it is just an "IQ tax". However, our country needs to fully consider the manufacturing costs and technological innovation investment of LCD screens. Compared with traditional CRT screens, LCD screens require more technology and materials to manufacture, so the price will be relatively high. In addition, with the continuous learning and progress of my country's science and technology, the price of LCD screens has gradually begun to decline, and more and more people think it can be more affordable.

LCD screens, known as eye protectors, are more than just a marketing ploy. They do have low radiation and flicker, which eases the strain on the eyes and increases comfort. Although LCD displays are relatively expensive, this is due to their manufacturing costs and technology investment, not just the "IQ tax". With the advancement of technology, the price of LCD displays has gradually dropped, and more and more people can enjoy it. Benefits of Screens for Eye Protection.

So we can draw a conclusion that the LCD screen is called an eye protection screen, not just an IQ tax, but a benefit brought by technological progress. We should choose the appropriate screen according to our needs and economic situation to protect the health of our eyes.

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