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If you don't change it often cleaning sponge manufacturers, your kitchen sponge may hide some rough things.

Take a look at your kitchen sponge and see what you let it do all day. It washes dishes, sure, but it might also wipe down counters, clean crumbs off the table, and remove jelly from your kid‘s face.

When washing other things with soap and warm water, the sponge itself will be washed, right? Not exactly sponge scrubber manufacturers.

There are bacteria in sponges.

All the holes in the sponge (they are called holes) can contain food and bacteria, and warm water can help them grow. A study published in a scientific report found that as many as 45 million bacteria were found in a 1 square centimeter kitchen sponge. These 45 million bacteria are composed of 362 different types of bacteria, although most of them are not bacteria that make people sick.

Another study found that 77 percent of sponges contain coliforms, an interesting family of small bacteria, including Salmonella and E. coli. In contrast, in this study, coliform bacteria were present in 5% of toilets in the same household cleaning sponge wholesale.

When should I throw away the sponge?

When you clean kitchen countertops and other surfaces, you should make sure that your sponge will not spread nasty bacteria such as Salmonella and Escherichia coli.

Most experts recommend throwing out the kitchen sponge after a week -- two weeks at most.

How do you know if your sponge needs cleaning? It's simple: look at it and smell it. If you can see or smell food, or food scraps cleaned the day before (or the week before), it's time to throw away the sponge.

You may have heard that microwaving sponges kills bacteria, but it doesn't kill all the bacteria, and the rest of the bacteria can continue to grow in the sponge.

Cleaning the sponge

Clean the sponge.

Heat the wet sponge in the microwave for two minutes.

-Wash the sponge in the top dishwasher, including the drying process.

Soak the sponge in a half-teaspoon bleach solution in 0.94 liters of water.

Although it is possible to clean the sponge, the safest way is to throw away the old one and replace it with a new one.


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With the rapid development of the smartphone market, cell phones have long become an indispensable part of people's lives, as a working and living assistant, battery life is never to be ignored. For a long time, we are very concerned about the battery capacity of the cell phone and fast charging power, but often ignore the battery safety. Due to the irregular use of charging equipment for cell phone charging accidents abound, want to ensure their own safety, but also to grasp the root cause of the problem.best lithium ion battery machine company Next, I will introduce you to the daily life of the most easily ignored 4 major charging safety issues, see how many of their own account.

1. Battery aging and bulging

Today, many users may feel that the problem of battery aging is getting farther and farther away from them, not only with the continuous development of battery technology,equipment for lithium battery assembly battery materials continue to innovate, the most fundamental reason is that we relax our vigilance.

Now cell phone manufacturers use the most is lithium batteries, lithium batteries are characterized by high voltage, high energy density, that is, more storage capacity, smooth discharge, almost no self-discharge, there is no memory effect, can be used with charging. According to the above characteristics of the battery, lithium batteries compared to other types of batteries more in line with our daily habits.

In the case of lithium batteries under normal circumstances, the battery life of about 5 years, the use of the battery network life and the quality of the battery and the number of times of charging has a certain general need at least we can charge more than 500 times. Generally an apple battery life in about 2 years, after this period of time the battery will lead to different aging, not durable phenomenon, serious may also occur at the same time the battery bulging and other phenomena.

2. Indiscriminate use of charging devices

Currently, each cell phone manufacturer has its own charging protocol. Previously, we generally use 5V1A standard 5W charging power supply, the battery capacity is very small, charging speed is very slow. However, with the increasing number of cell phone batteries, 5W charging power can no longer meet everyone's daily needs, so fast charging came into being.

In daily life, although the charging interface of the phone looks the same, but the mixed use of different brands of chargers, it is simply not possible to realize the fast charging function advertised by the manufacturer, which will seriously affect the charging efficiency of everyone, and will also accelerate the aging of the battery. If the old model, does not support fast charging, in the use of high-power equipment charging, will cause the battery overload, the motherboard will also cause a corresponding burden, very easy to cause charging problems.

3. Low-temperature environment

Before the Internet often appeared on the Apple phone winter icing shutdown situation, but in some Android products on the probability of this situation will be lower. This situation is not caused by the brand or system, but by the battery. Using a cell phone in a low temperature environment will not only slow down the charging speed of the phone, but also consume more power, resulting in a less durable battery.

In low temperatures, the chemical reaction of lithium batteries becomes sluggish, so the current becomes smaller, which leads to slower battery charging and lower usable capacity. At the same time, in order to protect the cell phone battery, many cell phone systems will be set up with low temperature protection, which will automatically reduce the charging speed and charging limit power in a low temperature environment. In addition it will even stop charging the battery if the temperature reaches even lower.

If your phone shuts down due to low temperatures, do not try to turn it on repeatedly, but return to a normal temperature environment and wait for some time before turning it back on. When you come back indoors from the cold outdoors, the warm indoor air will condense in the cold, and the phone will produce moisture, which can lead to fatal and irreversible malfunctions if it enters the motherboard.

4. Playing with your cell phone while charging

Many people have actually heard that it's best not to play games while your cell phone is charging. If it's charged, it sits still, which can extend the life of the battery. In fact, while charging while using a cell phone, the original radiation of the phone will be amplified, the charging process current activity is very large. If the cell phone suddenly has a short circuit, it may explode.

While charging and playing with the cell phone, the cell phone will also become very hot. During the charging process, the cell phone will be heated to different degrees, and some cell phones will even become very hot, in fact, during the charging process of the cell phone, it is an energy storage process. A part of the electrical energy will be lost and converted into heat, thus causing the phone to heat up. If you then play with your cell phone at this time, a portion of the heat will be generated, and when these two portions of heat are added together, it's not just a simple matter of damaging the battery, which could cause a safety hazard.

Safety is the daily use of cell phones can not be ignored in the focus, to ensure the safety of the phone and their own is the basis for the use of cell phones. Especially during the trip, you should always pay attention to the changes in the cell phone battery. If there is any abnormality, it must be properly dealt with at the first time. As cell phone hardware becomes stronger and stronger, the cell phone will last longer and longer. We have got rid of the situation that we change our cell phones once a year. Only by paying attention to their daily use will the phone last longer and longer.

In recent years, with globalization, more and more people are seeking opportunities to emigrate, and Hong Kong is attracting attention as a cosmopolitan city. For those who aspire to live, work or enjoy quality education resources in Hong Kong, obtaining Hong Kong status is an important goal. How to immigrate to Hong Kong in the fastest way? In this article, we will introduce several ways to obtain working visa extension hong kong quickly to help you realize your immigration dream.

1. Hong Kong Quality Migrant Admission Scheme

The Quality Migrant Admission Scheme is the fastest way to immigrate. This program is for people with professional skills and advanced degrees. The application process is simple and fast, and applicants can usually obtain Hong Kong status within 6 to 9 months. In addition, the program allows applicants to bring their spouses and unmarried children to Hong Kong, providing more opportunities and convenience for the whole family.

2. Hong Kong Talents Pass Program

The Hong Kong High-end Talent Pass Program is a worthwhile option for high-end talents with rich working experience and high academic qualifications. Simply by meeting the requirements, such as having a gross income of over HK$2.5 million before tax last year or having a bachelor's degree from one of the world's top 100 universities with work experience, you will be granted a 2-year stay visa. With an approval time of only 4 weeks and no need to find a job first, the application process for this program is very simple and allows you to obtain your Hong Kong status quickly.

3. Study in Hong Kong Entry Scheme

Studying in Hong Kong is also a quick way to obtain Hong Kong status. By choosing a one-year master's program, you can not only improve your education level and ability, but also obtain Hong Kong status. This provides your child with access to quality educational resources and prepares him or her for future higher education. The application requirements are relatively relaxed. Applicants must hold a recognized bachelor's degree or above from the Mainland and have a good command of English.

4. Hong Kong Investment Immigration Program

Hong Kong also offers the Investment Immigration Program, which is a program to obtain Hong Kong status by investing in business projects or purchasing property in Hong Kong. The program requires the investor to invest in Hong Kong up to a certain size and meet relevant conditions such as investment amount, job creation, etc. Although it takes a long time to get approved for the program, it is still a worthwhile option for those who have enough money.

For the fastest way to immigrate to Hong Kong, consider the Hong Kong Quality Migrant Admission Scheme (QMAS), the Highly Qualified Persons Passport Scheme (HQP), the Study Abroad Admission Scheme (SAS) or the Migrant Investor Programme (MIP). Each method has its own unique advantages and conditions of applicability, so the choice should be weighed in the light of one's specific circumstances. It is advisable to seek professional immigration consultancy services during the application process to ensure smooth application and maximize the success rate.