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Nowadays, our concept of health care is higher and we pay more attention to dental health. People with irregular teeth will choose to go to the hospital for orthodontic treatment, which will not only improve the brand image, but also help maintain dental hygiene. So, how to maintain oral health after orthodontic treatment?How to maintain oral health habits after orthodontic treatment?The aligner does not cause damage to the health of the teeth, but the food residue left on the aligner can cause gum inflammation and tooth decay, and the surface layer is demineralized and the appearance of the teeth is harmed. The aligners that cannot be removed increase the difficulty of dental cleaning. 

Since the lips cannot touch the upper teeth, the self-cleaning effect will be hindered to a certain extent. Weekly disease or tooth decay. During the period of orthodontic treatment, you need to carry a soft-bristled toothbrush and whitening toothpaste with you. dentist in hong kong carefully after each meal and before going to bed. Give priority to a toothbrush with a large head and a soft-bristled toothbrush. You can also use a soft-bristled toothbrush for orthodontics. At the same time, grasp the correct method of brushing your teeth, brush your aligners horizontally, and clean your teeth vertically. The aligner is glued to the tooth surface and cannot be cleaned, so an interdental brush should be used. Thoroughly clean teeth, aligners and gums after meals and before bed to avoid decalcification or deep caries.

What aspects should you pay special attention to after orthodontic treatment?Can not eat rigid and sticky food,During the period of orthodontic treatment, you cannot eat rigid ingredients, such as candy, tube bones and dried fruits. You can cut pears or iPhones into small pieces before eating them. Because the trays are subjected to tangential force, they are easy to fall off. Avoid eating sticky ingredients such as bubble gum or roasted rice, otherwise it will stick to the crumbs and jeopardize the actual effect of their correction.to correct bad habits,Be sure to correct bad habits such as opening your mouth to breathe, sticking your tongue out and sucking your fingers, otherwise it will prevent your teeth from moving to the right place, and it is very easy to break out after the braces are removed.Review on time,During the process of orthodontic treatment, there is a menstrual cycle due to tooth movement, and it is necessary to go to the hospital to apply pressure. Therefore, it is necessary to review and adjust according to the doctor's instructions on time. Simple deciduous teeth orthodontic treatment for children usually takes about a month, and new teeth treatment takes 2 years. 

After wearing fixed orthodontic appliances, review once a week, and review once a week for invisible aligners.Be sure to bring a retainer,It's not that you don't need to worry after taking off the aligner. To maintain its actual effect, you need to wear a retainer to prevent the teeth from twisting or the lower incisors being blocked. After the correction is completed, the retainer should be worn on time according to the doctor's instructions to avoid the occurrence of dental deformities. Reminder,Many people choose transparent braces in order to look better. The treatment process starts every week, and a pair of fully transparent aligners is replaced every two weeks. Although the transparent braces can be removed by themselves, they must be worn at other times except when brushing, rinsing, and eating. The daily wearing time should not be less than an hour, and at the same time do a good job in cleaning to maintain oral health.