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Step 1: Moisturizer/cream or makeup prep before makeup

A perfect makeup must have a good foundation, and the prerequisite to ensure a good foundation is to moisturize your skin before you go to work, only if your skin is moist enough, the foundation can be clear and not easy to take off. Therefore, the first step before makeup base 推介 makeup is that you must put on moisturizer or cream, makeup prep milk, etc.

Step 2: Foundation of foundation (liquid / clay)

Here also gradually on the base makeup, the first is to apply foundation.

The way to apply foundation: directly patted on the face with your hands, the foundation will be easier to wipe evenly and lightly. You can also use a professional foundation brush, brush on the foundation, pay attention to the brush a little more evenly. The sides of the nose and the corners of the mouth can be decorated with a makeup sponge; if there are acne, acne marks or blemishes, you can sweep more double layers to ensure coverage.

Step 3: Concealer

After the foundation, the key process is to cover up the flaw.

The way to cover up: squeeze a soy-sized concealer and follow the principle of small amount and large meals to cover up spots, pimples, and defective areas on your face.

The fourth step: the loose powder / powder makeup

After the foundation is painted, you must remember to apply makeup this step, if less, this step, your makeup is easy to use off. So makeup is very critical!

How to apply makeup: Use a large brush or puff with a small amount of powder, apply a sweeping or pressing technique to cover your face evenly, pay attention to the principle of small amount and more meals, do not dip too much powder at a time. That way the makeup looks makeup base 推介 better and clearer.

Step 5: Eye makeup

Eye makeup is the most important part of all makeup. Eye makeup painted well the whole person will change, than cosmetic effect is also strong Oh.

The process of painting eye makeup:

Step1: eye shadow. First pick a light-colored eyeshadow base, can be applied directly to the eyes with your fingers. Then use dark eyeshadow from the root of the eyelashes gradually frame the eyeshadow, near the root of the eyelashes eyeshadow color is the deepest, up the tone to reduce the dark color to light color too much natural, do not have a clear junction line, drawing halo effect.

Step2: Eyeliner. Draw eyeliner on the root of the upper and lower lashes, you must make the inner eyeliner, you need to draw the inner eyeliner at the root of the lashes, newcomers can take the segmentation method, the corner of the eye, the eye, the head of the eye, and then connect these three segments to each other. Later, adjust the eyeliner to fill in the gaps. Eventually, drag the corner eyeliner with a cotton swab and swoop backwards naturally so that the ending area looks rounded.

Step3: Eyeliner. Before brushing mascara, curl your lashes with an eyelash curler. Generally, curl your eyelashes from the root, middle and top of the eyelashes. Hold the brush horizontally and carefully brush from the base of the eyelashes to the top. Be careful not to make a fly-away, and keep wiggling with the z-tip while applying.

Step4: Eyebrows. Before drawing eyebrows, first trim the eyebrows to fit the shape of your own eyebrows, then use an eyebrow pencil or brush to trace the outline of the eyebrows a little obliquely to the head, and then use the brush to stain the natural. How to trim eyebrows for beginners

Step 6: Lip makeup

The process of painting lip makeup:

Step1: lip balm. The first application of lip balm moisturizer, the key purpose is to let the mouth replenish good water, get good lip moisturizer, lips are easy to make up, do not omit the.

Step2: Inside (this step can be omitted). If you want to paint a particularly pure shade, such as big red lips, then you need to carry out the inner lap in the lips to cover the original lip color. You can use an air cushion foundation or a special lip priming foundation. That way the color will be especially positive when applied out on top oh.

Step3: lip line (this step can makeup base 推介 be omitted). Find the same color lip liner pencil to carve the lip shape, and adjust the edge of the lip color, so that the back side of the lip makeup immediately on the inside of the color on the line, and do not have to worry about painting out the outside.

Step4: Lipstick / lip gloss. The best way to apply lipstick is to use a lip brush. If you want your lips to look moist, you can try to apply the middle of the lip as rich as possible when wiping, and then slowly pull the corners of the mouth, pay attention to the corners of the mouth must be applied shallow and narrow, so that the lips look very moist and lovely. People who don't like to apply lipstick can just use lip gloss.

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