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Credit cards still have a long way to go. How can we make credit card users soar like a helicopter while saving trouble and time?

1. Increase the frequency of credit card swiping

Using credit cards as much as possible while controlling repayments is the core method of credit card cash withdrawal. Continue to swipe your credit card as much as you can, and try to ensure large purchases. 申請信用卡In this case, the banking system will re-evaluate whether the credit card limit can meet the daily needs of the cardholder. Again, you must swipe your card on time.

2. High consumption amount

For irregular large-amount consumption, try to ensure that 60% to 80% of the credit card overdraft limit is used, and then these cardholders can repay normally. In bank development, we usually 信用卡申請define these cardholders as high-quality service customers. The bank management system will also adjust accordingly. The comprehensive influencing factors of the cardholder need to be re-analyzed and evaluated, and the limit can be increased as appropriate;

3. Continuous and stable consumption for a long time

Generally speaking, banks usually provide large and stable credit card transactions to cardholders for more than one year, as well as monthly statements. Banks often take the initiative to withdraw amounts for these customers. If the customer proactively applies for a permanent withdrawal, the bank is more likely to approve it.

4. Purchase financial management

Purchasing bank financial products is another way to quickly obtain a credit card credit limit. As long as the cardholder can ensure that there is enough spare money for investment and financial management, the bank credit card limit can be repeatedly increased during the investment and financing process.

To sum up, we know that the key to withdrawing cash with a credit card lies in how to swipe the card. As long as you use the above four methods well, you will not be far away from withdrawing cash by credit card. We should understand our own situation and give banks confidence.

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