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What can cord blood do?

After a baby is born and the umbilical cord is cut and ligated, there is still some blood in the umbilical cord inside the placenta,臍帶血 which is actually fetal blood. This blood is usually discarded, but in recent years, scientific research has found that the blood in the umbilical cord is very valuable and useful. Umbilical cord blood contains hematopoietic stem cells, which can rebuild the body's hematopoietic and immune systems.

Stem Cells

What do we mean by stem cells? Stem cell technology, as you can understand it, is about the cells that make us special. Most of the body's research cells have their own functions. 臍帶血The cellular functions of each tissue and organ are metabolized continuously, old cells die and new cells are produced; but new blood cells are produced in the hematopoietic system and new liver cells are produced in the liver. Once a major disease occurs in a vital organ, all of the production affects the ability of the normal cells as well as destroying them after which other information systems are unable to completely replace them.

Stem cells, especially stem cells, can adapt to the environment in any location and gradually perform the same functions as their counterparts.

A large number of these stem cells are found in the umbilical cord blood and the placenta of the fetus.臍帶血 They are primitive, undifferentiated cells that can differentiate in many directions and are therefore called "pluripotent" stem cells.

These cells can develop in many directions to repair human organs and systemic diseases.

We commonly use stem cells from the placenta, umbilical cord, cord blood, and bone marrow. Bone marrow transplantation is a type of stem cell transplantation that is mainly used to treat leukemia, aplastic anemia, and lymphoma. Not only in these common hematologic disorders, but in other areas as well.

Bone marrow cell transplants usually use allogeneic tumor stem cells, which can only be developed by someone else who can donate bone marrow once the disease has developed, and have to be matched.

When we are born, we lose the umbilical cord and placenta, which are vital to our lives, as well as some of the cord blood that is present in the umbilical cord. This is a huge pool of stem cells. Umbilical cord blood is the most common form of autologous stem cells and contains a large number of hematopoietic stem cells.

If these stem cells can be preserved, they can be transplanted in the event of future illnesses, especially blood disorders such as leukemia and lymphoma, with no mating, no pain, no risk, and simply recycled. As you know, these things are usually buried in the earth.

Cord Blood Banking

It's really worth saving something so good. Because of the medical value of cord blood, cord blood banking was born. There are two types of cord blood banks: voluntary and public.

Cord blood is stored at the bank's own expense and is removed when necessary. A public bank is similar to a blood bank in that it donates and stores the cord blood to be used to find a suitable match for the patient's needs. Cord blood stem cells are easier to match than bone marrow, and rejection is becoming less severe. Therefore, there is no need for a large amount of cord blood in the public sector.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Cord Blood Banking

Cord blood stem cells are worth saving. However, the preservation of cord blood, umbilical cord and placenta function requires very strict conditions of low temperature, constant temperature, and sterility, and therefore can be very costly. The cost of preservation can be very high, and the amount of money spent may not be available to you, or the time of use may be in the distant future.

Although cord blood contains a large number of stem cells, if the baby becomes ill as an adult, the number of stem cells in the cord blood may be relatively insufficient, which may be a problem in the future. The amount of stem cells in cord blood is more suitable for transplantation in children.

The high cost of autologous preservation, the low probability of use, and the limited use in adulthood, as opposed to allogeneic use of cord blood, which has a high success rate of mating and fewer rejection reactions, make experts recommend cord blood transplantation over autologous preservation. Therefore, experts recommend cord blood transplantation instead of autologous preservation. In the future, when there is a real need, it is a good choice for everyone to donate a little bit of love and find a suitable match in a public bank.

If a child in one family suffers from a blood disorder, such as leukemia, aplastic anemia and other autoimmune disorders, tumors, etc., the incidence and likelihood of a second child increases, so consider preserving the cord blood in an autologous blood bank for future use.

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The demand for high-speed and stable communications has soared, but the high cost and long lead time of fiber optics,fm350-gl and even the reliance on wireless in many areas, make the last mile of network coverage more urgent. 5G FWA is moving out of the country into rich industrial applications such as electric power, transportation, energy, etc., with the advantages of low cost, easy deployment, good communication stability, and fast speed.

The slogan "4G changes life, 5G changes society" has been shouted for many years. "Changing society"fwa is more reflected in the fact that 5G can support the digital transformation of thousands of industries. With the improvement of the global 5G infrastructure construction, consumer hardware, industrial Internet, remote medical care, city management, car networking and other scenarios have been upgraded by leaps and bounds with the support of 5G. However, 5G FWA (Fixed Wireless Access) is considered to be the area with the highest demand certainty and growth apart from cellular phones, as the price of 5G handsets at the consumer end continues to drop and become commercially available on a large scale.

FWA through electromagnetic waves instead of cable as a signal data transmission medium, thus effectively avoiding the traditional Chinese fiber optic access required to dig trench, wiring and other cumbersome work process, coupled with 5G in the bandwidth, rate and stability analysis of the natural resource advantages, can be simultaneously managed through the CPE for the user to provide a comparable to the experience of the Gigabit fiber optic network services.

5G FWA could be the killer application

High-frequency video calls and ultra-high-definition video streaming applications place more stringent requirements on transmission rates, stability and latency.

That's why 5G FWA has been able to achieve rapid growth in just a few years. The market for high-speed, stable communications has surged, but the high cost and long completion time of laying fiber optics, even as it relies on wireless communications in many areas, makes the last mile of network coverage even more urgent. It's worth noting that while the country is far ahead in terms of fiber coverage, low-investment 5G FWA solutions still offer significant advantages for factories, stores, chains and small and micro businesses.

First, FWA can provide fast and flexible broadband and wi-fi coverage in sparsely populated areas. In some areas with fewer users, operators have lower input-output, i.e., there is an imbalance between base station construction, fiber rollout and user consumption, so 5G FWA not only saves network construction costs for operators, but also ensures the quality of user access to the Internet.

Secondly, FWA can be carried out to solve the problem of difficult construction of communication engineering. Unlike the domestic infrastructure construction model, in overseas, operators laying optical fiber need to go through a long process of planning, application and so on before they can realize the real construction project construction social stage.

Third, FWA can provide reasonably priced and convenient broadband access to small businesses, stores and temporary locations. In this case, the application is relatively simple, the traffic is not high, the locations are fewer, no enterprise CPE is needed, and the cost-effectiveness of domestic cellular communication is high, therefore, the application of 5G FWA in China is mainly focused on the industry. For example, temporary Nucleic Acid Checkpoints at some airports are currently using the 5G FWA protocol.

Fourth, FWA is also an important tool for cellular operators to capture the home broadband market. Unlike the three-pronged situation in the domestic market - where the three major operators all have fixed-line and cellular licenses - overseas operators are relatively independent and dominated by a single license, so 5G FWA will be a fast way for cellular operators to seize the home broadband market share.

It can be said that 5G FWA has gradually entered the fast lane of development under the joint promotion of supply and demand. As the underlying technology and terminal products become more and more mature, it is also expanding new applications. On the contrary, scenario innovation will undoubtedly bring more demanding requirements for terminal equipment. Work

The market cake is expanding, can cellular + WiFi break through?

FWA's broad social development as well as space is obvious to all, overseas Chinese market, especially for fixed broadband penetration rate is low in the region have been 5G FWA as a key management business data for reasonable layout to promote. At the same time, there are more and more research enterprises began to force 5G CPE terminal, in the face of the increasingly fierce competition in the market economy, module, chip technology platform differentiation advantage may become the terminal to realize the enterprise breakthrough weapon.

Undoubtedly, the further development of 5G is promoting FWA from a "backup" into a "reserve", and can compete with the fixed line connection market, especially in the module, the technical capacity of the chip platform continues to improve, coupled with the cost of terminal products, 5G FWA will also go out of the market, and will be able to compete with the fixed line connection. 5G FWA will also go out of the door to rich industrial applications such as power, transportation and energy.

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Don't worry if you can't read the functions on your watch! Below I will introduce you to 5 important points to help you better understand the functions of your watch.

1. Dynamic Reserve Display

In addition to the calendar display, the dynamic reserve display is probably the function with the highest rate of appearance in the dial.TUDOR Royal M28323-0001 Dynamic reserve display generally only appears in mechanical watches, and it is rare to see dynamic reserve display in quartz watches. This is because it represents how long the movement can still power the watch, and once the hand goes to zero, the movement needs to be wound up to provide power. Quartz watches, on the other hand, are powered by batteries and don't need to be wound up, so the dynamic reserve display is mostly found in mechanical watches.

Take this Orient Star as an example, located in the inner bezel scale 60 position, showing 0 to 40 scale fan-shaped subdial is the dynamic reserve display.TUDOR Black Bay 39 M79660-0001 This indicates that the watch can provide 40 hours of power to the watch when it is wound. But not all watches are 40 hours of power, need to be recognized according to the different models of the movement to identify, usually 40, 50, 72 and so on.

2. Moon Phase Display

The moon phase display is one of the most romantic of all watch functions. The moon was one of the objects of worship of the ancients and the first human guide to measure time,TUDOR Glamour Double Date M57103-0005 and it controls the tides of the oceans. For the watch industry, the moon phase display is not a complicated feature among many others, but there are not many brands that can play with it. The Orient Star Moonphase is the only moonphase among all Japanese watches.

The sub-dial located directly underneath the dial is the moon phase display. the numbers from 1 to 31 represent the calendar, and the moon phase display will rotate with the different moon phases of each month, presenting the shape corresponding to them. We can enjoy the moon on our wrist.

3、Perpetual Calendar

Perpetual calendar watches are actually an exaggerated Chinese term, but the British are even more exaggerated and call them "perpetual calendars". The purpose of the perpetual calendar watch is to provide the user with the most accurate world time, which is one of the three major complications of traditional watchmaking, and it can calculate the complexity of the calendar in the big and small months, leap years and so on in a clear way.

Perpetual calendar watches have similar displays on their faces, most of which have month and leap year displays that are not found on regular watches, and less commonly, year displays. If you want to talk about the complexity of the movement of the perpetual calendar, you can only say that you will know when you look at the dial.

4. World Time

The watch with world time function is very suitable for friends who often travel and work abroad. Of course, such a demand can also be satisfied on watches with dual time function, but there is a certain difference between the two.

World time is the display of 24 time zones on a single disk, which can be synchronized with the local time with only a simple manual adjustment. This watch is a 24-hour display in the dial, the edge of the dial for the names of different countries in the world, as long as according to the time zones of different countries to mobilize the pointer can display the time of the local country.

5. Dual Time

Dual time is located in the center of the dial hand to indicate the time of the second time zone, this hand can be adjusted to the hour as a scale without affecting the operation of the minute hand and other instructions. The luminescent green hand of the Orient Star below is a dual time hand. Since dual time is also known as GMT watches, we can also distinguish between world time and dual time by the GMT inscription on the dial. In comparison, the world time function is more complicated than the dual time.

There is a wide range of watch functions, some people love the simplicity of the models, while others are addicted to the complexity of the complicated movements, which is perhaps the charm of the watches.


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