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What is cord blood?

Cord blood can be preserved through donation or private storage. Donated cord blood can be used by others, and private storage provides individuals and families with a backup medical resource. Cord blood can be stored for decades and can be withdrawn for treatment when needed. 臍帶血作用Therefore, the storage and use of umbilical cord blood is of great significance to the medical security of individuals and society.

Why store umbilical cord blood?

Cord blood is the wealth of health, and storing it is a wise investment. These stem cells are the guarantee of the baby's future health and provide families with backup medical resources, giving them more confidence when facing health problems.

What are the functions and uses of umbilical cord blood?

Umbilical cord blood is regarded as the frontier of future medical treatment, and the stem cell resources contained in it will provide new directions and possibilities for medical treatment.臍帶血香港 Through stem cell transplantation, regenerative medicine and other technical means, umbilical cord blood can treat a variety of diseases, such as leukemia, anemia, immune system diseases, etc., bringing new treatment options and hope to patients.

What are the advantages of cord blood stem cell therapy over traditional treatments?

The cord blood stem cell treatment process is relatively safe. The collection process of umbilical cord blood is simple and painless, causing no obvious harm to the donor's body. Moreover, large-scale surgery is not required during stem cell transplantation, reducing surgical risks. Therefore, cord blood stem cell therapy is highly safe and suitable for patients of all ages and health conditions.

What is the difference between a private cord blood bank and a public cord blood bank?

The operation of public cord blood banks is usually subject to supervision and laws and regulations by the government or relevant agencies, ensuring the safety and fair use of samples. The operation of private cord blood banks may be more flexible and subject to the management of individuals or private institutions, with relatively few legal and regulatory constraints. Stricter supervision of public cord blood banks will help ensure sample quality and fairness in use, but may also increase operating costs and procedural complexity. The management of private cord blood banks is relatively flexible, but lack of supervision may involve certain risks and uncertainties.

How is cord blood collected and stored?

The storage period of cord blood samples is generally related to their subsequent medical needs and disease treatment. Some diseases may require long-term stem cell treatments, requiring long-term storage of samples. For some diseases that require urgent treatment, short-term storage of samples may be required for emergency use.

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Credit cards still have a long way to go. How can we make credit card users soar like a helicopter while saving trouble and time?

1. Increase the frequency of credit card swiping

Using credit cards as much as possible while controlling repayments is the core method of credit card cash withdrawal. Continue to swipe your credit card as much as you can, and try to ensure large purchases. 申請信用卡In this case, the banking system will re-evaluate whether the credit card limit can meet the daily needs of the cardholder. Again, you must swipe your card on time.

2. High consumption amount

For irregular large-amount consumption, try to ensure that 60% to 80% of the credit card overdraft limit is used, and then these cardholders can repay normally. In bank development, we usually 信用卡申請define these cardholders as high-quality service customers. The bank management system will also adjust accordingly. The comprehensive influencing factors of the cardholder need to be re-analyzed and evaluated, and the limit can be increased as appropriate;

3. Continuous and stable consumption for a long time

Generally speaking, banks usually provide large and stable credit card transactions to cardholders for more than one year, as well as monthly statements. Banks often take the initiative to withdraw amounts for these customers. If the customer proactively applies for a permanent withdrawal, the bank is more likely to approve it.

4. Purchase financial management

Purchasing bank financial products is another way to quickly obtain a credit card credit limit. As long as the cardholder can ensure that there is enough spare money for investment and financial management, the bank credit card limit can be repeatedly increased during the investment and financing process.

To sum up, we know that the key to withdrawing cash with a credit card lies in how to swipe the card. As long as you use the above four methods well, you will not be far away from withdrawing cash by credit card. We should understand our own situation and give banks confidence.

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With the continuous development and progress of science and technology, more and more electronic technology products have appeared in our lives. Among them, LCD screens are called eye protection screens, but some people question whether they are just used as an "IQ tax".boe screen manufacturer Today, the editor of Xunrui Optoelectronics Information Technology will conduct data analysis on the basic working principles of LCD screens, eye protection effects, and market price management to answer this social problem.

Liquid crystal display is a technology that uses the optical properties of liquid crystal molecules to display images.lcd supplier It consists of liquid crystal layer, transparent electrode, backlight, etc. When current passes through the transparent electrode, the arrangement of the liquid crystal molecules will change, thereby controlling the transmittance of light and achieving image display. Compared with traditional CRT monitors, LCD monitors have the advantages of high resolution, low radiation, and small size, and have been widely used in televisions, computers, and other fields.

Compared with CRT screens, LCD screens have lower radiation costs and less flicker.oled supplier Radiation and flicker are one of the leading causes of eye fatigue and discomfort. Radiation can cause certain damage to our eyes, while flicker can cause eye fatigue and discomfort. LCD screens can reduce the problems of radiation and flicker through research and use of liquid crystal display technology, thereby reducing the burden on the eyes and improving the comfort of system use.

The price level of LCD screens is relatively high, which is one of the reasons why some people question whether it is just an "IQ tax". However, our country needs to fully consider the manufacturing costs and technological innovation investment of LCD screens. Compared with traditional CRT screens, LCD screens require more technology and materials to manufacture, so the price will be relatively high. In addition, with the continuous learning and progress of my country's science and technology, the price of LCD screens has gradually begun to decline, and more and more people think it can be more affordable.

LCD screens, known as eye protectors, are more than just a marketing ploy. They do have low radiation and flicker, which eases the strain on the eyes and increases comfort. Although LCD displays are relatively expensive, this is due to their manufacturing costs and technology investment, not just the "IQ tax". With the advancement of technology, the price of LCD displays has gradually dropped, and more and more people can enjoy it. Benefits of Screens for Eye Protection.

So we can draw a conclusion that the LCD screen is called an eye protection screen, not just an IQ tax, but a benefit brought by technological progress. We should choose the appropriate screen according to our needs and economic situation to protect the health of our eyes.

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Almost everyone has this feeling: as we grow older, our memory begins to decline rapidly, especially after the age of 35. 專注力不足解決方法Many people feel that they are not really old. Memory is of course directly related to age, but what is the mechanism behind it? Is it really impossible for memory to improve with age?

In fact, memory is not so much related to a person's age as it is that as age increases, people's experience increases, 記憶力衰退原因and the complexity and correlation of various facts also increase rapidly, so the test of memory is greater.

Just like a mobile phone used by people, the older it is, the more information it stores, and the slower it becomes when using it.

Cognitive science research shows that the potential of human memory is much greater than people think. 記憶力衰退原因The average memory capacity of a person is equivalent to the amount of knowledge in 500 million books. A person only uses 10% (some say 1%) of the information stored in the brain during his or her lifetime.

Incredible memory abilities lie dormant within each of our brains—we just need to awaken them with the right techniques.

Everyone has a good memory for certain things. The hidden memories in all of us will explode if we awaken them in the right way.

To unleash your full memory potential, start with these three steps:

First of all, try to avoid staying up late and cramming. In an experiment on working memory, people listened to a story and then were tested an hour later on how much of the information they had remembered. After listening to the story, the subjects were randomly assigned to a dark, quiet room of their own. If they did nothing for a few minutes, their memory would continue to surge by 10% to 30%. It can be seen that the development of the human brain requires attention to rest and space to consolidate and store data and information.

This is especially true for people with memory impairment: When the same subjects suffered strokes and other neurological injuries, these hiatus improved their memory performance from 7% to 79%.

Second, conduct a memory test. Don’t simply reread; research shows this passive approach is less effective. Instead try something proactive like testing. There is ample evidence that taking tests improves memory more than any other technique.

When you take knowledge from your brain over and over again, you know where to find it next time, and you'll soon discover where the gaps in your memory are.

Third, retell the memory. A recent experiment on memory made people understand sound waves and the Doppler effect. This phenomenon is similar to a police siren, which gets louder the closer it is to you and becomes quieter away from you.

At the end of the experiment, participants were randomly assigned to two technology classes that provided or did not provide theoretical teaching materials. A week later, recall them and analyze the lessons they took last week for a surprise classroom learning test. The results can be better for those where we don't have teachers teaching the material.

Subjects had to describe the Doppler effect in their own words, which helped them better understand the Doppler effect.

The best way to master something is when you can teach it to someone else—not just because explaining it to someone else improves your understanding, but also because retrieval helps you remember what you learned.

Now, sit in a dark, quiet room for 10 minutes, making sure you don't fall asleep, then test the main ideas of this article and tell others what you learned.

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How long after a person comes to menstruation? Can you get pregnant? When a woman has just completed an abortion, 子宮肌瘤不孕the uterus needs a certain recovery cycle. Some women are in good health and can resume menstruation after 20 days or so, but most patients need about a month to recover!

How long does it take to get your period after an abortion

Women need to choose the best time to have an abortion after an unwanted pregnancy so that there is less damage to the patient's uterine lining and less bleeding. However, 無痛人流醫院if the pregnancy is longer and the gestational sac enlarges, the risks of the procedure increase and the recovery time is delayed.

If a woman is unable to recover her period after a miscarriage, she can have a blood test done for HCG to see if it returns to normal,終止懷孕多少錢 and then have a color ultrasound done to check how the uterine and ovarian tissues are recovering, and medication and dietary modifications will be needed if the period is irregular.

Even if a woman's periods have not returned after an abortion, she may accidentally become pregnant again. Therefore, you should pay attention to contraceptive measures after the operation, and do not have sex within one month after the operation, because it takes more than 20 days for a woman's ovaries to recover, so there is still a possibility of pregnancy.

Can I still have a painless abortion if I am two and a half months pregnant?

Although abortion is not life-threatening, it can help all women who need an abortion in the shortest possible time to get rid of unexpected worries, but this trump card should not be abused, and especially not at an arbitrary time under the premise of using a human being.

You can pay less attention to other aspects of abortion, but you must pay special attention to the choice of the time of abortion, because if the time of abortion is not well chosen, it is likely to create obstacles to a smooth abortion procedure, and if you choose to have an abortion too late in the day, it is very likely to lead directly to a situation in which you will not be able to do it because of the size of the gestational sac.

In most cases, abortion is not possible in two and a half months of pregnancy, but there are exceptions. There are a few women whose gestational SAC develops at a slightly slower rate than that of a normal woman, so these women will encounter situations where abortion is possible in two and a half months of pregnancy.

The best time to have a painless abortion?

The best time to work for a painless abortion, painless abortion is now the most commonly used method that can solve these unwanted pregnancies, although the painless abortion is only a small procedure, but at the same time there is also a best time to learn, only in the best development time to do abortion in order to minimize the harm to female friends, the following is the best time to do abortion that we come to understand.

The best time for abortion is 35-50 days of pregnancy, but before abortion, the doctor must confirm the diagnosis of intrauterine pregnancy through HCG and B ultrasound, and determine the number of days of pregnancy and the size of the gestational sac, generally larger than 5mm gestational sac can be done, but due to individual differences, the specific should be based on the size of the gestational sac to determine the time of individual abortion. Currently there are three main benefits of having an abortion.

Minimal damage to the uterus and low risk. At 35-50 days of pregnancy, abortion is less difficult, minimizes damage to the uterus, and carries lower risk.

Moderate size of the gestational sac and less bleeding. When abortion is done on 35-50 days of pregnancy, the gestational sac is of moderate size and the wall of the uterus is thicker, so the gestational sac is easy to take out, with less surgical damage and less bleeding.

Fast postoperative recovery, no need for hospitalization. Because of the minimal trauma, there is no need to be hospitalized after the operation, and the postoperative recovery is fast, which will not affect the progress of work and study, and will not affect the sex life and childbirth in the future.

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After having an abortion, what should you pay attention to in your diet? For female friends in general, abortion on the body to a great deal of damage,深圳人工流產 in the diet, how to eat in order to supplement adequate nutrition?

Induced abortion refers to the termination of a pregnant woman's pregnancy of less than 28 weeks, when the fetus weighs less than 1,000 grams is called an abortion. Abortion can be divided into natural abortion and artificial abortion, natural abortion also includes special habitual abortion. Both spontaneous and induced abortions are a big blow to a woman's body.

What should I pay attention to the diet after abortion?

1. Within half a month of abortion, supplement 1.5-2 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight.不孕檢查 Therefore, eat more chicken, pork, eggs, milk and products such as beans and legumes. In addition, ensure enough iron to prevent the occurrence of anemia after abortion.

2. Because the body is weak and often sweats easily, it is advisable to replenish water in small amounts for many times. A lot of water-soluble vitamins are excreted in sweat, especially vitamin C, 深圳人流vitamin B1 and vitamin B2. therefore, you should eat more fresh vegetables and fruits. This also helps to prevent constipation.

3. On the basis of the normal conduct of the diet, appropriate time restrictions as well as fat. The fat content is controlled to about 80 grams per day within one week after the operation occurs. Menstrual disorders, avoid eating stimulating influence food, such as chili, wine, vinegar, pepper, ginger, etc., this kind of problematic food quality are able to increase the patient's menstrual flow by stimulating the sexual organ congestion. Also avoid eating crabs, snails, mussels and other cold foods.

4. Avoid eating stimulating foods, such as chili peppers, wine, etc., this kind of food can all stimulate sexual organ congestion, increase vaginal blood flow. The way of life network reminds: after abortion time to half a month is appropriate, usually weak, poor health, blood loss, can be appropriate to extend the time of recuperation.

5. pay attention to strengthen the nutrition, more supplement containing high-quality protein food, can enhance the body, but also pay attention to not too greasy, affect the normal digestion and absorption. This time is especially prohibited to eat raw, cold and hard things. Special attention should be paid to the fact that things taken out of the refrigerator can not be eaten immediately, and must be heated before eating.

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In implementing an IoT industrial project, the choice of connectivity affects how the solution performs, its range, reliability, battery usage, how much different types of data can be transferred, and its speed.

While there are many available connectivity options, cellular connectivity is becoming increasingly popular as a simple,cellular module scalable and secure way to connect industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) devices. Manufacturers around the world are looking to transform their businesses with IIoT applications, which can increase productivity, reduce equipment downtime and improve the efficiency of plant operations and processes.

Cellular IoT networks and devices are becoming cheaper and more pervasive, attracting increasing interest.lte module Several enterprise organizations have deployed cellular IoT networks to address a range of business development issues and enable smart technology manufacturing. For which many research projects exist where organizations establish a connection to access relevant data from various teaching devices.

Cellular Connectivity in Industrial IoT

Connecting connected devices via cellular connectivity has long been a goal of industrial engineers building standalone manufacturing equipment and factory automation systems. Cellular technology provides companies with the ability to seamlessly increase speed and expand the data processing power of their systems. Cellular connectivity allows companies to transmit and process large amounts of information in a short period of time without having to send all the data through a centralized it infrastructure. This provides an opportunity for organizations to implement machine health monitoring strategies with the help of wireless industrial IOT sensors without having to build an infrastructure.

Impact of different cellular standards on IOT connectivity

Cellular connectivity is highly flexible with various protocols. Generally, LTE (Long Term Evolution) is the globally dominant approach. It is preferred by many IIoT service providers due to its low cost, ease of implementation and low power requirements. The following mobile LTE standards and bands are typically deployed globally: LTE-A: 1.9 GHz LTE-M: 700 MHz LTE-NB: 700 MHz LTE-LAA: 800 MHz LTE-LTA: 1900 MHz LTE-MvR: 2400 MHz.

The equipment conduct suppliers are launching new cellular IoT technology devices, routers, gateways and application research programs suitable for the development of IoT, industrial IoT information systems can be integrated and equipment through the analysis of new solutions for industrial IoT problem solving solutions. Combining cellular connectivity to extend IoT problem solving solutions will increase the range of plug-and-play sensor network applications that can improve the efficiency of industrial IoT deployments and rapid reconfiguration to meet the needs of society's ever-changing business markets.

Reliable connectivity is critical to obtaining critical information about machine health and performance, which is why industry is driving new technologies to provide faster and more accurate information. To effectively deploy cellular IoT systems, solution providers and multinational end-user companies are looking for solutions (2G, 3G and LTE) that offer global support. These have become popular among enterprises to extend iot solutions and ensure smoother global deployments.


Cellular standards can have a direct impact on the performance, scope, ease of development, security, reliability and cost of implementation for scaling IoT in manufacturing. Traditional SIM cards used in cellular IoT devices are limited to a single network operator. They require technicians to manually insert/replace SIM cards, which can lead to deployment bottlenecks, especially in remote areas. These challenges are addressed by the updated eSIM platform, which consists of a non-removable chip that wirelessly downloads carrier profiles and allows pre-programming of multiple telecom providers so that the device can select the best connection.

iot devices with eSIM come with a SIM card and a cellular module. These devices provide the flexibility to be deployed anywhere in the world and ensure reliable connectivity as they enable operator changes without human intervention. The devices help monitor machines in complex and hard-to-reach locations and help avoid logistical challenges during transportation. All these features help to increase the scalability of iot applications.

Benefits of Cellular IoT Connectivity

Cellular connectivity is gaining popularity in enabling integrated machine-to-machine communication, which helps in wireless condition monitoring of industrial assets. This is due to the high network reliability provided by cellular IOT connectivity. The high data rates (10-100 Gbps) of cellular IOT devices are unaffected by adverse weather conditions, and the distance between the base station and the device is much smaller than many other wireless communication options. This is important because cellular connectivity offers optimal coverage and the ability to avoid overload issues. It also offers greater freedom of mobility, which helps to gain connectivity even in complex environments where devices are not fixed.

Due to its advantages, mobile internet technology is increasingly changing industrial IoT system applications and problem solving solutions. In the Industrial IoT space, different manufacturing verticals will continue to carry on using cellular IoT devices can be used as the most successful way of teaching implementation.


Digitization of manufacturing operations ensures reduced downtime and increased productivity and cellular networks play a key role in achieving this. Cellular networks offer organizations the opportunity to leverage technology to accelerate the 4.0 process in their industry. The availability of cellular coverage allows manufacturers to monitor industrial assets faster and cheaper, even in remote and hard-to-reach areas. As cellular networks move to 5G, they offer even more significant opportunities for organizations to leverage data, with faster connectivity giving them greater ability to process real-time information, unlocking the full potential of the Industrial Internet of Things.

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What can cord blood do?

After a baby is born and the umbilical cord is cut and ligated, there is still some blood in the umbilical cord inside the placenta,臍帶血 which is actually fetal blood. This blood is usually discarded, but in recent years, scientific research has found that the blood in the umbilical cord is very valuable and useful. Umbilical cord blood contains hematopoietic stem cells, which can rebuild the body's hematopoietic and immune systems.

Stem Cells

What do we mean by stem cells? Stem cell technology, as you can understand it, is about the cells that make us special. Most of the body's research cells have their own functions. 臍帶血The cellular functions of each tissue and organ are metabolized continuously, old cells die and new cells are produced; but new blood cells are produced in the hematopoietic system and new liver cells are produced in the liver. Once a major disease occurs in a vital organ, all of the production affects the ability of the normal cells as well as destroying them after which other information systems are unable to completely replace them.

Stem cells, especially stem cells, can adapt to the environment in any location and gradually perform the same functions as their counterparts.

A large number of these stem cells are found in the umbilical cord blood and the placenta of the fetus.臍帶血 They are primitive, undifferentiated cells that can differentiate in many directions and are therefore called "pluripotent" stem cells.

These cells can develop in many directions to repair human organs and systemic diseases.

We commonly use stem cells from the placenta, umbilical cord, cord blood, and bone marrow. Bone marrow transplantation is a type of stem cell transplantation that is mainly used to treat leukemia, aplastic anemia, and lymphoma. Not only in these common hematologic disorders, but in other areas as well.

Bone marrow cell transplants usually use allogeneic tumor stem cells, which can only be developed by someone else who can donate bone marrow once the disease has developed, and have to be matched.

When we are born, we lose the umbilical cord and placenta, which are vital to our lives, as well as some of the cord blood that is present in the umbilical cord. This is a huge pool of stem cells. Umbilical cord blood is the most common form of autologous stem cells and contains a large number of hematopoietic stem cells.

If these stem cells can be preserved, they can be transplanted in the event of future illnesses, especially blood disorders such as leukemia and lymphoma, with no mating, no pain, no risk, and simply recycled. As you know, these things are usually buried in the earth.

Cord Blood Banking

It's really worth saving something so good. Because of the medical value of cord blood, cord blood banking was born. There are two types of cord blood banks: voluntary and public.

Cord blood is stored at the bank's own expense and is removed when necessary. A public bank is similar to a blood bank in that it donates and stores the cord blood to be used to find a suitable match for the patient's needs. Cord blood stem cells are easier to match than bone marrow, and rejection is becoming less severe. Therefore, there is no need for a large amount of cord blood in the public sector.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Cord Blood Banking

Cord blood stem cells are worth saving. However, the preservation of cord blood, umbilical cord and placenta function requires very strict conditions of low temperature, constant temperature, and sterility, and therefore can be very costly. The cost of preservation can be very high, and the amount of money spent may not be available to you, or the time of use may be in the distant future.

Although cord blood contains a large number of stem cells, if the baby becomes ill as an adult, the number of stem cells in the cord blood may be relatively insufficient, which may be a problem in the future. The amount of stem cells in cord blood is more suitable for transplantation in children.

The high cost of autologous preservation, the low probability of use, and the limited use in adulthood, as opposed to allogeneic use of cord blood, which has a high success rate of mating and fewer rejection reactions, make experts recommend cord blood transplantation over autologous preservation. Therefore, experts recommend cord blood transplantation instead of autologous preservation. In the future, when there is a real need, it is a good choice for everyone to donate a little bit of love and find a suitable match in a public bank.

If a child in one family suffers from a blood disorder, such as leukemia, aplastic anemia and other autoimmune disorders, tumors, etc., the incidence and likelihood of a second child increases, so consider preserving the cord blood in an autologous blood bank for future use.

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The demand for high-speed and stable communications has soared, but the high cost and long lead time of fiber optics,fm350-gl and even the reliance on wireless in many areas, make the last mile of network coverage more urgent. 5G FWA is moving out of the country into rich industrial applications such as electric power, transportation, energy, etc., with the advantages of low cost, easy deployment, good communication stability, and fast speed.

The slogan "4G changes life, 5G changes society" has been shouted for many years. "Changing society"fwa is more reflected in the fact that 5G can support the digital transformation of thousands of industries. With the improvement of the global 5G infrastructure construction, consumer hardware, industrial Internet, remote medical care, city management, car networking and other scenarios have been upgraded by leaps and bounds with the support of 5G. However, 5G FWA (Fixed Wireless Access) is considered to be the area with the highest demand certainty and growth apart from cellular phones, as the price of 5G handsets at the consumer end continues to drop and become commercially available on a large scale.

FWA through electromagnetic waves instead of cable as a signal data transmission medium, thus effectively avoiding the traditional Chinese fiber optic access required to dig trench, wiring and other cumbersome work process, coupled with 5G in the bandwidth, rate and stability analysis of the natural resource advantages, can be simultaneously managed through the CPE for the user to provide a comparable to the experience of the Gigabit fiber optic network services.

5G FWA could be the killer application

High-frequency video calls and ultra-high-definition video streaming applications place more stringent requirements on transmission rates, stability and latency.

That's why 5G FWA has been able to achieve rapid growth in just a few years. The market for high-speed, stable communications has surged, but the high cost and long completion time of laying fiber optics, even as it relies on wireless communications in many areas, makes the last mile of network coverage even more urgent. It's worth noting that while the country is far ahead in terms of fiber coverage, low-investment 5G FWA solutions still offer significant advantages for factories, stores, chains and small and micro businesses.

First, FWA can provide fast and flexible broadband and wi-fi coverage in sparsely populated areas. In some areas with fewer users, operators have lower input-output, i.e., there is an imbalance between base station construction, fiber rollout and user consumption, so 5G FWA not only saves network construction costs for operators, but also ensures the quality of user access to the Internet.

Secondly, FWA can be carried out to solve the problem of difficult construction of communication engineering. Unlike the domestic infrastructure construction model, in overseas, operators laying optical fiber need to go through a long process of planning, application and so on before they can realize the real construction project construction social stage.

Third, FWA can provide reasonably priced and convenient broadband access to small businesses, stores and temporary locations. In this case, the application is relatively simple, the traffic is not high, the locations are fewer, no enterprise CPE is needed, and the cost-effectiveness of domestic cellular communication is high, therefore, the application of 5G FWA in China is mainly focused on the industry. For example, temporary Nucleic Acid Checkpoints at some airports are currently using the 5G FWA protocol.

Fourth, FWA is also an important tool for cellular operators to capture the home broadband market. Unlike the three-pronged situation in the domestic market - where the three major operators all have fixed-line and cellular licenses - overseas operators are relatively independent and dominated by a single license, so 5G FWA will be a fast way for cellular operators to seize the home broadband market share.

It can be said that 5G FWA has gradually entered the fast lane of development under the joint promotion of supply and demand. As the underlying technology and terminal products become more and more mature, it is also expanding new applications. On the contrary, scenario innovation will undoubtedly bring more demanding requirements for terminal equipment. Work

The market cake is expanding, can cellular + WiFi break through?

FWA's broad social development as well as space is obvious to all, overseas Chinese market, especially for fixed broadband penetration rate is low in the region have been 5G FWA as a key management business data for reasonable layout to promote. At the same time, there are more and more research enterprises began to force 5G CPE terminal, in the face of the increasingly fierce competition in the market economy, module, chip technology platform differentiation advantage may become the terminal to realize the enterprise breakthrough weapon.

Undoubtedly, the further development of 5G is promoting FWA from a "backup" into a "reserve", and can compete with the fixed line connection market, especially in the module, the technical capacity of the chip platform continues to improve, coupled with the cost of terminal products, 5G FWA will also go out of the market, and will be able to compete with the fixed line connection. 5G FWA will also go out of the door to rich industrial applications such as power, transportation and energy.

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Don't worry if you can't read the functions on your watch! Below I will introduce you to 5 important points to help you better understand the functions of your watch.

1. Dynamic Reserve Display

In addition to the calendar display, the dynamic reserve display is probably the function with the highest rate of appearance in the dial.TUDOR Royal M28323-0001 Dynamic reserve display generally only appears in mechanical watches, and it is rare to see dynamic reserve display in quartz watches. This is because it represents how long the movement can still power the watch, and once the hand goes to zero, the movement needs to be wound up to provide power. Quartz watches, on the other hand, are powered by batteries and don't need to be wound up, so the dynamic reserve display is mostly found in mechanical watches.

Take this Orient Star as an example, located in the inner bezel scale 60 position, showing 0 to 40 scale fan-shaped subdial is the dynamic reserve display.TUDOR Black Bay 39 M79660-0001 This indicates that the watch can provide 40 hours of power to the watch when it is wound. But not all watches are 40 hours of power, need to be recognized according to the different models of the movement to identify, usually 40, 50, 72 and so on.

2. Moon Phase Display

The moon phase display is one of the most romantic of all watch functions. The moon was one of the objects of worship of the ancients and the first human guide to measure time,TUDOR Glamour Double Date M57103-0005 and it controls the tides of the oceans. For the watch industry, the moon phase display is not a complicated feature among many others, but there are not many brands that can play with it. The Orient Star Moonphase is the only moonphase among all Japanese watches.

The sub-dial located directly underneath the dial is the moon phase display. the numbers from 1 to 31 represent the calendar, and the moon phase display will rotate with the different moon phases of each month, presenting the shape corresponding to them. We can enjoy the moon on our wrist.

3、Perpetual Calendar

Perpetual calendar watches are actually an exaggerated Chinese term, but the British are even more exaggerated and call them "perpetual calendars". The purpose of the perpetual calendar watch is to provide the user with the most accurate world time, which is one of the three major complications of traditional watchmaking, and it can calculate the complexity of the calendar in the big and small months, leap years and so on in a clear way.

Perpetual calendar watches have similar displays on their faces, most of which have month and leap year displays that are not found on regular watches, and less commonly, year displays. If you want to talk about the complexity of the movement of the perpetual calendar, you can only say that you will know when you look at the dial.

4. World Time

The watch with world time function is very suitable for friends who often travel and work abroad. Of course, such a demand can also be satisfied on watches with dual time function, but there is a certain difference between the two.

World time is the display of 24 time zones on a single disk, which can be synchronized with the local time with only a simple manual adjustment. This watch is a 24-hour display in the dial, the edge of the dial for the names of different countries in the world, as long as according to the time zones of different countries to mobilize the pointer can display the time of the local country.

5. Dual Time

Dual time is located in the center of the dial hand to indicate the time of the second time zone, this hand can be adjusted to the hour as a scale without affecting the operation of the minute hand and other instructions. The luminescent green hand of the Orient Star below is a dual time hand. Since dual time is also known as GMT watches, we can also distinguish between world time and dual time by the GMT inscription on the dial. In comparison, the world time function is more complicated than the dual time.

There is a wide range of watch functions, some people love the simplicity of the models, while others are addicted to the complexity of the complicated movements, which is perhaps the charm of the watches.


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