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With the development of network information 抽油煙機technology, our lives are surrounded by a variety of information.

Among them, we often see some kitchen appliances, packaged by some network celebrity bloggers, transformed from a state of no interest, known as network celebrity products.

So, in the end, are we really able to transform these internet celebrity products into Chinese food making machines? After I collected most of the online purchases of these technical products as well as user evaluation studies developed to see that it does not seem to be one such.

Then we come to the next step, which looks like several exquisite and practical smart net is actually suitable for red kitchen with electricity, in the end what is the case.

Breakfast machine

I'm sure many of you have watched some food videos on short video platforms, a breakfast machine that makes all kinds of food under the operation of a blogger and it looks very subtle and enjoyable.

Then they fantasize that if they get up every morning to do the same hands, will not also be able to enjoy the food?

But the truth is, if you buy it, you may get up early and gleefully make it once or twice, then toss it aside and not get up at the end of the day.

At this point, you may because either you do not eat breakfast, or we are so thinking of buying two random buns downstairs without a solution.

After all, it does not need to get up early to wash ingredients, cook and wash dishes.

Small juicer

Since when, I do not know, someone said that this small juicer, also called a juicer cup, can completely replace the wall crusher or juicer.

What I'm trying to say is, let's face it, no one really believes in this marketing.

Small juicers are generally low powered and underpowered. To fully juice fruit, you have to cut it into small pieces or it won't screw up.

Also, it can only squeeze watermelon, grapes, kiwi for these soft fruits, like many Chinese vegetables, melons and fruits will be difficult to strand.

Juice cooked for two minutes, cleaned for half an hour, once not cleaned, the next time will be covered with mold.

So I don't think anyone would object if I said it's an IQ tax!

Egg cooker

The egg cooker is what I've always considered an IQ tax. Why spend money on such an egg cooker when you can just put your eggs in a pot and cook them?

Plus, these extra appliances really take up space and buy an entire kitchen to fill.

I can understand your desire to live a refined cultural life, but what I would prefer to see is good steel used on a knife's edge, and refined design should be developed by building on the basis of practicality.

Automatic frying machine

The automatic flipper and I are much like an egg pan.

I believe that most of us who cook most of the time start to hate not in the time of cooking, but the washing, chopping and cleaning after people's meals before they cook themselves.

An automatic stir fryer it is straightforward to leave the parts you like least to you, let you wash the vegetables, chop them, put them in steps and it will help you to stir fry them.

Let's not talk about what this automatic stir fryer stir fry is the taste of the food, just these students ready to carry out the work you still a did not provide convenience to.

I am not used to this kitchen appliance, but I have seen the Chinese online evaluation students for our evaluation of this kitchen appliance companies are, the taste of the dish stir-fry is generally through a flavorless, only barely imported, and the development also can not do soup soup dishes, a do will leak.

This is not an IQ tax. What is it? And this stuff isn't cheap, and there are usually thousands of smaller ones.

In fact, to return to the topic, home essence is to create extremely well in the actual situation. Who does not want to live a life full of rituals, but to spend with rituals and impulses, to buy something IQ tax, we can not help but try.



Hello! I'm seventeen, mother of three. If you're a new mom, or if you're still pregnant, please don't skim 乾衣方法 by. It's not that I have any general parenting knowledge to teach you, but instead I think there is likely a lot that we can communicate.

The following is the content of the first article I also pushed in today's headlines, that is, I sorted out some of 連體衣 the newborn care of common sense, some is my work experience, some from the Internet, if you feel that you have assistance, also remember to pay attention to save Oh!

Baby nasal congestion

Nose blockage mild cases to hot cotton towel lightly cover the nose so that the hot air smoked nose, if the little baby has a snotty nose breathing difficulties can be a drop of fish oil to the nose, after a while the little baby will snort, the snot sprayed out.

2. Newborn vomiting

Babies do not need to immediately hold vomiting, it is easier to choke and cough, the best position for babies who often vomit after eating milk should be lying on a mattress with a steep slope of 15 to 30 degrees, rather than just pulling up the head to cut the body side sleep

3. baby's stomach flatulence

Colic mostly appears in the first three months of the baby, you can give the baby clockwise light clockwise rubbing tummy, to assist the stool and exhaust, pay attention to the waist and abdomen to prevent cold and keep warm, in addition to the vertical hold or airplane hold the way.

4. Children with fever

High fever and physical fever, 38 degrees 5 below can be used to reduce fever physically, it is not recommended to use ethanol or medical ice bags to reduce the temperature: under the condition of drinking more water moderately lower dressing; bathing with warm boiled water is also an effective way; baby's supplementary food to very nutritious value of liquid food as the main; more than 38 degrees must use antipyretic drugs.

5. How much is appropriate for a small baby to wear?

How to judge overdressed, distinguish whether the little baby wears enough to not back sweat, indicating that the little baby wears more, baby basic metabolism is high, proposed to wear the same as adults or slightly less, get sick period to pay attention not to catch cold.

6. Sleep quality schedule

0~1 month: about 18~20 hours, most of the babies in this month are sleeping in addition to eating

2~3 months: about 16 to 18 hours, about four to five times during the day, about two hours each time, 12 hours of sleep at night

4~6 months: about 14~16 hours, sleeping about 3~4 times during the day, each time about 1.5 hours, sleeping 10 hours at night

7~9 months: about 12~14 hours, sleep about 2~3 times during the day, each time about one hour, sleep about 10 hours at night

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