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Among the oldest medical methods in China, massage is considered a very effective treatment for chronic and functional diseases. hong kong escorts However, some knowledge needs to be paid attention to when performing massage so as not to fall into the misunderstanding.

1. The stronger the massage, the better. Many people who go to massage health centers only seek a strong sense of stimulation. However, this excessive effort often leads to increased discomfort.nuru massage Some health care providers perform incorrect massage health care, even leading to cervical dislocation and lower limb dysfunction. In Chinese medicine theory, massage relies heavily on mastering proper technique and technology, not just on pushing hard. Excessive force may have a negative impact on the human body.

2. Massage can relax tight nerves and muscles. Long-term office work can easily lead to muscle stiffness and fatigue. Over time, this can lead to small subluxations in the small joints of the cervical and lumbar spine, which can lead to symptoms such as lumbago, back pain, arm pain, and dizziness. In such cases, many people make it a habit to visit a massage therapist to apply pressure to relax tight nerves and muscles. Proper massage therapy can relieve muscle and joint fatigue, but what many people don't realize is that in addition to being sedentary, many chronic diseases can cause similar external symptoms, such as spinal tumors, tuberculosis, fracture dislocations, and rheumatoid arthritis. Despite the similarity of the symptoms of these diseases, they are not easily treated by simple massage, which may otherwise lead to unforeseen consequences.

3. Massage can be done in three to five minutes. Most massage parlors base their rates on the duration of the massage. As a result, many massage therapists will perform quick and rough pulls from side to side directly for consumers entering the parlor. However, some consumers mistakenly believe that this is an advanced massage technique. In reality, orthopedic massage is like swimming in water; it requires a warm-up first. A regular massage therapist cannot have the patient perform the reset maneuver right off the bat. The resetting process of orthopedic massage should be carried out in four steps. First the relaxation of the muscles should be considered. Only when the muscles are fully relaxed, the effect of massage will be twice as effective.

4. It is normal for bones to make sounds during massage. Experts say that most of the bones do not make a sound during a correct massage, but the sound is often heard during a wrong massage. This indicates that the joints are rubbing frequently at this time, and the joint cartilage will be damaged for a long time, which will easily lead to arthritis and other problems.

You also need to pay attention to the following things when performing a massage:

1. the hands of the massage therapist should be kept clean and warm, the nails should be neatly trimmed and no ornaments should be worn on the fingers to avoid damage to the skin.

2. in order to carry out the massage smoothly and get good results, the massage should be carried out by choosing a position that is easy to manipulate, and at the same time ensure that the muscles of the massaged area are fully relaxed.

3. When massaging the whole body, pay attention to the direction of operation and follow the direction of blood and lymphatic return.

4. In the massage process should pay attention to the order and intensity of control, the beginning should be gentle pressure, and then gradually increase the intensity and ultimately gradually reduce the intensity and end of the operation. Because massage is a technical activity, it is important to avoid falling into the above four misunderstandings.

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