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How long after a person comes to menstruation? Can you get pregnant? When a woman has just completed an abortion, 子宮肌瘤不孕the uterus needs a certain recovery cycle. Some women are in good health and can resume menstruation after 20 days or so, but most patients need about a month to recover!

How long does it take to get your period after an abortion

Women need to choose the best time to have an abortion after an unwanted pregnancy so that there is less damage to the patient's uterine lining and less bleeding. However, 無痛人流醫院if the pregnancy is longer and the gestational sac enlarges, the risks of the procedure increase and the recovery time is delayed.

If a woman is unable to recover her period after a miscarriage, she can have a blood test done for HCG to see if it returns to normal,終止懷孕多少錢 and then have a color ultrasound done to check how the uterine and ovarian tissues are recovering, and medication and dietary modifications will be needed if the period is irregular.

Even if a woman's periods have not returned after an abortion, she may accidentally become pregnant again. Therefore, you should pay attention to contraceptive measures after the operation, and do not have sex within one month after the operation, because it takes more than 20 days for a woman's ovaries to recover, so there is still a possibility of pregnancy.

Can I still have a painless abortion if I am two and a half months pregnant?

Although abortion is not life-threatening, it can help all women who need an abortion in the shortest possible time to get rid of unexpected worries, but this trump card should not be abused, and especially not at an arbitrary time under the premise of using a human being.

You can pay less attention to other aspects of abortion, but you must pay special attention to the choice of the time of abortion, because if the time of abortion is not well chosen, it is likely to create obstacles to a smooth abortion procedure, and if you choose to have an abortion too late in the day, it is very likely to lead directly to a situation in which you will not be able to do it because of the size of the gestational sac.

In most cases, abortion is not possible in two and a half months of pregnancy, but there are exceptions. There are a few women whose gestational SAC develops at a slightly slower rate than that of a normal woman, so these women will encounter situations where abortion is possible in two and a half months of pregnancy.

The best time to have a painless abortion?

The best time to work for a painless abortion, painless abortion is now the most commonly used method that can solve these unwanted pregnancies, although the painless abortion is only a small procedure, but at the same time there is also a best time to learn, only in the best development time to do abortion in order to minimize the harm to female friends, the following is the best time to do abortion that we come to understand.

The best time for abortion is 35-50 days of pregnancy, but before abortion, the doctor must confirm the diagnosis of intrauterine pregnancy through HCG and B ultrasound, and determine the number of days of pregnancy and the size of the gestational sac, generally larger than 5mm gestational sac can be done, but due to individual differences, the specific should be based on the size of the gestational sac to determine the time of individual abortion. Currently there are three main benefits of having an abortion.

Minimal damage to the uterus and low risk. At 35-50 days of pregnancy, abortion is less difficult, minimizes damage to the uterus, and carries lower risk.

Moderate size of the gestational sac and less bleeding. When abortion is done on 35-50 days of pregnancy, the gestational sac is of moderate size and the wall of the uterus is thicker, so the gestational sac is easy to take out, with less surgical damage and less bleeding.

Fast postoperative recovery, no need for hospitalization. Because of the minimal trauma, there is no need to be hospitalized after the operation, and the postoperative recovery is fast, which will not affect the progress of work and study, and will not affect the sex life and childbirth in the future.

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