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re nano-sponges bad for our health when doing housework?

Nano-sponge is also known as the magic clean sponge friction, the technical term is melamine sponge cellulose sponge sheet cellulose sponge sheet. Cleaning household stainless steel products, bathroom products, glass products, tiles, leather sofas, cars, tables and chairs, wood floors and other items are very effective, only need water to quickly remove stains, so fast is familiar to everyone.

However, there are reports that the raw material of the nano-sponge is melamine, which means melamine. konjac body spongekonjac body sponge konjac body sponge Is this harmful to the human body? The main reason for concern is the fallout from the melamine-tainted milk powder scandal. But melamine is not toxic, and the milk poisoning incident was caused by children eating milk powder laced with melamine. Melamine is not toxic, but it doesn't mean you can eat it. Just like a stone is not poisonous, if you break it into a powder and eat it, there will surely be problems, indigestion, malnutrition, and even death. Melamine itself is indigestible and has no nutrients. Unscrupulous manufacturers add nitrogen to milk powder in response to agency tests. Children naturally do not digest, leading to kidney stones, long-term malnutrition, and also lead to big-head dolls.

In contrast to melamine, more and more Chinese people are concerned about the amount of formaldehyde released by magic rub. steel spongesteel sponge steel sponge Here we Xiamen Sihang also for you to explain in detail.

1. 50 times the standard, the screenshot says "Only secondary textiles (direct contact with skin) < 75mg/kg" According to GB18401-2010 "B direct contact with skin", formaldehyde content shall not exceed 75mg/kg. A piece of cloth as underwear to try on, such a fitting is too casual, there is no meaning.

2. According to the "Health Standard for Formaldehyde in Indoor Air", the maximum allowable concentration of formaldehyde in indoor air is 0.08mg\\u002Fm3. The concentration of formaldehyde was measured by placing the nano-sponge in a closed beaker. By that method, you'd expect the material in your home to be over the limit. It should be noted that the formaldehyde concentration is measured in the indoor air, rather than putting the purchased decoration in a closed box.

3. Formaldehyde is a water-soluble and chemically unstable substance that dissipates before it accumulates. Relative to the convenience of nano-sponges, as well as the many drawbacks of previous cleaning utensils (nano-sponges are not easy to shape, anyone who has used them should note that stainless steel wire is very harmful to tableware, and the molding of sponges is very serious, and common rags are the center of fungi).

4. If melamine resin is used as tableware, in fact, as early as 1980, the state has introduced relevant standards. The standard has been revised twice, and is currently GB9690-2009, which has requirements for the migration of formaldehyde. Although tableware and nano-sponge are not the same, but are both melamine, are kitchen supplies, before the national standard of nano-sponge has not been introduced, you can learn from. According to this standard to identify whether the nano sponge meets the standard, rather than blindly saying that the release of formaldehyde is unqualified. There are many things containing formaldehyde, as for the consequences, or not exceed the standard.

These data results provide scientists who study different bacterial communities with a systematic framework to test which structural environment is most suitable for their research, which must be fully taken into account in the management of our use of bacteria in the production development process.

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Here we cellulose sponge sheet also for you to explain in detail.

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