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Some people think that erotic objects are just something to add spectacle to a restricted movie, but they are not.wireless vibrating egg Erotica is the best helper to break the traditional sex pattern and increase passion and fun. Sexually induced life and happy sex are inseparable from the word fun. Sex toys fulfill this goal and make our sex life "prosperous". So what can it do?

Erotic toys is just a general term for related supplies, different product categories of things are not the same use, students need to study the specific problem analysis.


The vibrator is undoubtedly the most photogenic sex toy and one of the most popular. It is mainly used for sexual foreplay to fully arouse women. Since a woman's sexual arousal is slow,wireless vibrating egg it takes more foreplay to get her into the mood. Vibrators are unrivaled in this regard.

The intense sensation of vibration and the smooth, delicate touch will leave her refreshed, no matter which part of her body is involved. Some of the special styles in the vibrator family have been developed for women's sensitive spots. Using them can fully stimulate women's sensitive points and greatly increase the chance of orgasm. Not only do they make women happy, but they also save men a lot of effort!

Vibrating Ring

Men are most afraid that they have no fighting power in the bedroom and hand over their guns in a few minutes.wireless vibrating egg Therefore, many people are eager to have some kind of panacea to cure it. And the so-called aphrodisiacs on the market, aphrodisiacs are very unreliable things, not only ineffective, but also affect health. In order to solve this problem, people invented the earthquake ring.

An earthquake ring is a ring that can vibrate.wireless vibrating egg Wearing it securely can delay ejaculation and prolong erection time. Turn on the vibration can also let men and women in the "collision" feel a strong sense of vibration, quite exciting!

Erotic condoms

Erotic condom market relative to the development of the above two toys to be a lot of simple problems, just in an ordinary condom on the basis of analysis and improvement, innovation.wireless vibrating egg Although it is a very slight change, the feeling of using and managing it is very different!

Ultra-thin condoms are much thinner than ordinary condoms, solving the problem of condoms affecting sexual pleasure; Fruit-flavored condoms become cute and fragrant,wireless vibrating egg conducive to kissing! Which one to use depends on personal preference!


The role of sex toys: to promote harmony in the relationship between husband and wife

Proper understanding and use of sex toys: guidelines and precautions for maintaining physical and mental health

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