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When cooking, our kitchen always produces a lot of grease. Although there are hoods now, but the grease can not be completely avoided. Over time, grease will exist in all corners of the kitchen, such as the hood, cabinets, floors, walls. It is hard and disgusting to clean, but if we master the cleaning method, it is still easy to decontaminate and clean.cellulose sponge wipe manufacturers Today, I will talk to you about some tips about cleaning.

1. Cabinet grease cleaning

The sink is the easiest place to get grease at the top of the cabinet because we have to clean the dishes and the pots inside, which inevitably makes the sink dirty. To clean the sink, first sprinkle a little salt on the heavy grease areas, then use old plastic wrap to wipe away the dirty oil in warm water, and it can be easily cleaned.konjac sponge supplier For dirty faucets, wipe them with toothpaste. For countertops to do a good job of wiping clean at any time, always keep clean.

2. Kitchen appliances clean

The most polluting kitchen appliance is the hood. If you clean the hood, it is best not to disassemble easily. If the dismantling improperly affects the use of the hood, and to spend money.Konjac sponge manufacturer When cleaning must remember to cut off the power supply, do not spray water on the machine. Any electrical appliances are afraid of moisture. In the heavy oil stains in the place of the spray on the special oil cleaner, let it stand for about 5 minutes, and then wipe with a dry, wet rag, the oil will be easy to wipe clean.

3. Cookware cleaning

Kitchen cookware grease dirt most probably content is cutting board, but also with our own cooking health and safety health is closely related, so we must develop clean, specific work practices can be used in such a bottle into about 200 ml of warm water, and then by adding 2 spoons of vinegar placed for 15 minutes, with this impact on the liquid management to study the surface of the cutting board to clean, disinfectant descaling to eliminate odors kind of After the cutting board is clean, it is best to use boiling water to scald the surface before taking it to the sun to dry it.

4. Wall and floor cleaning

Kitchen walls and floors are also the most prone to dirt, especially if the use of tiles, cracks in the oil, the cleaning method is to pour some vinegar on the ground, and then mopping the floor, you can quickly put the floor on the oil and dirt cleaning, but also play a role in protecting the ground, cleaning walls is also the same, with vinegar foam rags to wipe the walls is very clean.

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